Sunday, May 5, 2013

Dining Table Decor

 Contrast color splash on dining table
Recently I visited some home decor showrooms in the city and I found an interesting fact that I would like to share with all my readers. I learned the complementary color schemes that enhance the decor of the dining area. With some simple basic color complementing techniques one can change the entire looks of that area.

You can choose the dining mats that basically complement the color of your table top. The dark-colored table tops should be decorated with lighter colored runners and mats and vice versa. For the glass table tops, one can use any color as long as they complement the look of the room.

Spun vinyl Runners are most trendy ones these days

The third and the most important thing is the use of the crockery or the dinner set. One can use colored crockery that complements the dining table /mats/runners or  white plates having a tinge of the color of  mats/table/runner or a highlighted colored wall around this area.

One should always keep the decor of the room in mind while choosing table mats/runners. For example, for ethnic setting, colorful table mats will look great and for modern and chic setting, one should choose simple and subtle leather or plastic designs or simple jute/wooden mats.

(  A smart dining decor is gonna arouse an excitement among the guests for the kind of food, so make sure to give a final look at your serves  : )  .)


  1. I really liked the contrast scheme for dining decor. Thanks....gr8 idea.

  2. food and dinning both matter.
    food becomes more tempting with a good dinning experience.