Healthy Recipes

                Side Dishes
Green beans with garlic & sesame 

Veg Kababs (flat Veg Patties)
Roasted cabbage wedges


Sweet Corn Fritters

Wheat flour katori

Potato Salad
Chilled Vegetable Salad
Presentation of watermelon

Strawberry and sprouts salad
Roasted capsicum& garlic flavor salad
Colorful Fresh Salad

            Breakfast Recipes

Paneer Chilla
Bread dahi kebab
Sabudana Khichri (sago dish)
Veg Sandwiches

Vermicelli and Semolina Upma


Mango Shrikhand
Til Ladoo (Sesame Seed & jaggery)
Oat Meal Bars

    Independence Day Special
Tri- color food
Independence Day colors in food




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