Monday, July 15, 2013

Making artificial buds (beads) and small planters at home ( DIY projects):

1. I made these buds a week ago and thought of sharing it here. The white bead balls on a dry branch of any shrub is a very simple project and can be decorated with some artificial flowers and leaves in a vase.

 I took a dry branch (multi zigzag branches) of a plant (shrub) and cleaned the dried leaves from it. First, identify the areas of branch where the balls can be inserted. The pointed branches selected should be strong enough to hold the weight of stone balls (clay ball).The balls are made with quick dry clay (white). You need to be quick in making the balls as this clay dries very fast. The ball made needed to be inserted in the branch as soon as it is made otherwise it will become hard and insertion will be difficult (Also, if the clay dries up then the ball making would be difficult and will show cracks).
I have kept this branch in its natural color. You can paint it in white (or any other color) and the balls can be painted in red, orange , purple or yellow colors as per requirement of your rooms. The balls should be painted in pearl finish or metallic colors to give a pearl or metallic color (fevicrylhobby ides acrylic colors).

This is a small wonder that I saw yesterday in home town, DLF City Centre Mall, gurgaon. It can be made at home with a little effort and can be a good DIY project.
The only things required in this project are artificial moss, white bowl, few artificial flowers and leaves( can be taken from old flowers from your vases which needs replacement for a new look or colors), scissors and a glue.
The making: Stick some artificial moss in a bowl and then make a small hole in the center and insert the flower stick and a leaf stick in moss and the plant is ready to be kept at your slabs.

You can place them in 2-4 or 5 numbers on the multilayer book shelves, kitchen window slabs or the bathroom window slabs. They can add a new zing at the dull areas…………….…………: ) agoodstuff.

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