Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Yarn key chain

Funky key chains is something that I always wanted to have and even today I’m always on a hunt for these for my kids or for a gift and sometimes for me as well. I have a nice collection of these but always looking for a new idea in this. This week I tried my hands on yarn key chains.
I love colors and the quality available in market these days. The natural to synthetic fibers in yarn with a wide variety like fluffy yarns, multicolored yarns, faux fur yarns etc gave me good opportunity to make my designs.

Supplies required: old key chains, 3-4 color yarns, 2 black beads for eye balls or google eyes, a small hollow plastic ball for face and a few straws for making hands and legs.
First make a structure of the doll or monster or whatever character you wanna make on paper. Now, take a plastic ball for face and make a small hole at any one place and insert a straw in it. Connect small straws for legs and hands with help of needle and thread. Now wrap the yarn allover in symmetric way to strengthen the hands, neck and legs,. Wrap some extra yarn of different colors or same color to give it a desired shape and size. Once done with wrapping, paste the google eyes on face and for lips the yarn will look best.
Attach a key ring at head and your monster/doll/or any of your favorite characters is ready to use or to gift.
Whenever you make it, leave us a link to the photos in the comment section that will definitely be worth watching for us and our other viewers also. ……..........................................................…: ) agoodstuff

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