Saturday, June 29, 2013

Paper Fan Flower Decor

                     Lets do something crafty this weekend. This paper fan flower arrangement looks great on the wall of kid’s room. The best part of this project is that you can involve your kids in the making of the fans. 
The number of fans depends on the width of the wall. The color choice of the fans depends on the room colors. If the room is having lots of pink, chocolate and white colors then the fans should also be having a tint of these colors.  If one wall is of very bright color and others are white then the bright one can be decorated with fans of white crafted papers and some other soft colors.

Pic 1
Pic 2
  The making of the fans is   quite easy. Take a few      colored chart papers or  any paper of your choice.  For a typical fan, three  equal parts required to    be cut as shown in pic1. Now make the pleats across the paper and then firmly finger crease the pleats as shown below in pic2. .

 The three pleated/folded papers now require one more fold from the center and then join all the three folded fans with help of stapler and glue ( if required) to make a bigger flower fan. Make as many fans as required and then paste them on the wall using glue and tapes. You need to press them for the few minutes so that they can stick to the wall properly.

This craft is in itself a complete wall decor thing and requires minimal things. The fans can be used as wall hangings with attached strings from ceilings or windows for the baby showers or birthday parties.

Enjoy this craft with your kids and decorate their rooms with a little effort and small budget…….. chao…..……: )-agoodstuff

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