Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Presentation of watermelon

Presenting plain watermelon is always boring, the same cubes or the long slices. Here I have three simple ways which can make your melons look great and tempting.

This one is looking great. The semi circular balls can be cut easily out of the melons with help of a scoop. They have come out perfectly and are looking like some sort of colored Bengali mouth watering sweet dish. Just sprinkle some crushed leaves of basil and a pinch of salt on the chilled melons before serving.

 The star shaped cookie cutter has worked great here. The melon stars are then garnished with some basil leaves.

This one is really simple to cut and can be kept in two to three numbers on 6 seater dining table.Simply cut the melon into quarter pieces along the length and then cut the triangles and serve them in the same.

Easy shapes to cut and present…………….…………: ) agoodstuff

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