Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Mobile cover DIY

Make a simple and cozy cover for your mobile with your old clothes or sweaters. As we have already made a few usable things out of old woolens and recycled them very smartly, so, either you can cut out a piece of old woolen or you can use the left out pieces of the lower or sweater used in the previous DIY project for socks (make woolen socks at home from old sweaters). All the recycling projects (the woolen recyclying) are quite interesting, effective , easy and a real fun to do.
Just follow the steps shown below in pics and your mobile cover is ready without any hastle.

1.    Cut a piece of the sweater’s sleeve. Turn it inside out.

2.    Mark the size of the mobile and leave margins at top and a little bit
at sides( this margin will go under sewing)

3.    Now sew at the marked line and cut out extra portions.
4.    Now turn the piece inside out again and the cover is ready.
Keep crafting with woolen coziness this winter and send your beautiful and

 innovative ideas for recycling the woolens at agoodstuffhere@gmail.com.

Enjoy: ………………: ) agoodstuff

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Woolen socks DIY from recycled sweaters

Another woolen recycle project is the making of beautiful socks for your kiddos and that too without knowing knitting. This DIY project is really simple with little steps and fun to do with your old sweaters.

Lets make it………………..

Material required:

Old woolen sweater sleeves/  kids old paijami or lower

A marking tool(washable wax color(cryons))

Scissor, needle and some yarn to sew


Place kids foot on the lower and mark the  shape of the foot (specially the

 toes ) and be sure to keep a margin of 1cm while marking as it will go

under sewing area.

Now turn them inside out and sew in socks shape.

Once sewing is done cut down extra woolen material outside the sewed

area. Turn the socks inside out again and see what a masterpiece you have

created : )

The overall product will look so cute that I can bet, you are gonna make a
few more after this and every new socks would be far better product than
the previous one as practice makes us perfect. Do a little bit of
embroidery if required.

Keep sewing and recycling old woolens………………: ) agoodstuff

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Old sweaters recycling

Don’t giveaway your old sweaters to anyone as this winter you can create
 magic out of them. Lets recycle those woolens and use them in making new
 things or making the old ones usable.

Kids outsize the last year sweaters very easily and we are left with no
choice but to give away them to somebody else. Cut down your old useless
sweater's border  and sew them below the borders of your favourite sweater to 

increase the length. Have a look at the pictures and you can figure out the easiness 

and practicality in the same.


You can always decorate them with a matching patch or making small
embroidery of similar colors.

It’s a beautiful craft and a beautiful way to retain your favorite woolens
for another year……recycle old things………: ) agoodstuff

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Plastic Flower Lights for festive season: A DIY Project

Can you imagine any purpose of used aerated softdrink plastic bottles? Yeah, I know most of the people specially kids make pen or pencil holders or stands out of them.
One more easy and quick use of these is in making of colorful flowers to decorate the room walls, vases, garlands etc.

Lemme explain you the things required in this project.
1.    Plastic coke/pepsi/soda or any other drink bottle
2.   A scissor
3.   Acrylic pearl or metallic paints of your choice or faux stained glass color for a glassy effect
4.   And above all a little patience…. : )
Making is again very simple. Remove the cap and cut the bottle  as shown in the pics below.
 Now, cut the petals out of it and it is really easy to shape them as the bottle material is not so hard. Large size petals should be cut in starting so that you can cut them or trim more easily to make equal petals.
Fold the petals in outward direction and hold them there by pressing them in that direction. As a flower shape has come to your piece, you can paint it from outside to give a glassy look or oteherwise paint them from inside to have a normal look.
Use this recycled bottle thing to brighten up your house and garlands with lights on Christmas/New Year and all the year around…whenever you feel like……………… : ) agoodstuff