Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Balcony Decor Ideas

Balcony Decor Ideas: simple and practical ones

The broader the balcony , the more beautification of the same can be done. But the problem comes when a balcony is small and narrow. 

Idea 1: 
Cover the railing of the balcony with bamboo painted in green, ivory, brown or any of your favorite colors. Some people like to keep them in their original brown color but again the maintenance will increase in that case as the raw bamboo is susceptible to algae growth with rain and dust .Also, painted bamboo can be easily cleaned with a splash of water.
Green color looks soothing but makes that area bit darker so choose the color while keeping in view of your requirements.
Some people grow creepers and climbers on these which gives a very soothing effect  or greener view outside the windows but at the same time it increases mosquitoes, lizards etc in that area so be cautious.
Planting colorful flowers in long planters give a very regular vivacious look from the windows. Hedges give a very simple, easy to maintain and a smart look to your balcony and they can be trimmed easily with scissors to get desired shapes. These plants should be grown in long planters and should maintain atleast 5cms of distance from the wall to avoid the lizards nestlings. One more thing that should be followed is to keep plants on an iron rod structure so that the dust, water etc can be easily cleared beneath the planters.

Idea 2: 
The other simple ways to decor the balconies and to provide shade to the plants grown in balcony, are the wooden chics. These chics are easily available in local markets and can be tailor made as per your requirements. Besides giving shade to the plants, these keep your room temperature a few degrees below outside temperature and also help in filtering the dust coming in rooms and over plants.
The plants kept in balcony should be similar as like us, plants also flourish more in groups.
To have a complete view of your plants, chic, bamboo etc the window with many sections of glasses should be converted to a regular simple plain glass and then without any hindrance you can have a green garden view while sitting in your living room. A complete glass in multistory is always a better option specially in countries or areas where people are always worried about dusting work.

Idea 3: 

              Placing a closet at one wall with some open selves where plants can be kept is a very simple clean look for a balcony and can be enhanced more by placing a chic or stylish rug at floor.

Idea 4:
  Finally, the flooring can change entire looks of the balcony. Some of the samples of stone, wood and other flooring shown below can be used, if the budget allows.

 Idea 5:

If the balcony is small and round in shape then the white marble stones shown in the adjacent image can be assembled in an elevated cemented or marble finish groove along the wall and it really looks elegant. This design can also be implemented in square or rectangular balconies.

Some other simple practical decors are shown below:

Will be coming soon with more practical balcony decor ideas in coming posts, till then keep reading……………….: ) – AgoodStuff

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  1. I liked the ideas as a few of them are in budget
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