Thursday, June 20, 2013

Remodeling the furniture look (front doors of shelves)

Hi friends! Today we are customizing the front face of the shelves in a very simple way to give it a contemporary and colorful look. The front glass face of the shelves can be remodeled to an opaque one with a trendy color of your choice. For this diy you need a cardboard , silk cloth, colorful shining stones or plastic flowers, scissors, glue and some small nails.
Take the cloth piece and stick it tightly to the cardboard of required size. Pasting or sticking work should be done on the back side to keep front side of the cardboard clean and smooth. Now use glue to paste the stones on the cloth making some pattern. Let it dry for a few hours and then stick this card board on the inner side of the shelf. If possible use some small nails to hold the things firmly for longer period.

Note: The size of the cardboard chosen should be cut in such a way to adjust inside easily without creating any hindrance in closing the door.

The new look is definitely gonna change the entire look of that particular room. Now you can use colorful plants /cushions /lanterns or some colorful rugs around it have a beautiful view. Also, one can use this project to decorate the glass stools.

If you make one, don’t forget to share it with us……
chao…..……: )-agoodstuff.


  1. It's a good idea for remodeling your old furniture. It can give a high end furniture look after remodeling with paint and polish. It can save your money also.

    1. Yeah John, a little bit of creativity can create wonders. thanks