Monday, September 2, 2013

Beautiful Living Room Decor Ideas

The lightings, wall color, wallpapers, furniture, sofa design, cushion covers, curtains, blindes, paintings, wall accents, corner decoration, centre table decor , carpet, vases and a lot more comes into picture when we talk about drawing room. A place,  which is designed keeping in mind of our interests along with the comfort for guests. This is the only area in house which is most spacious and requires most valuable or smartly designed good stuff.

Have a look at some beautiful decor ideas captured at my iphone. I hope they can provide some great inputs while designing your home.

Festive season has already begun ... it would a great idea to do some revamping at some corners of home. Send pics of the new decor of your house........ it would be great to watch and publish them here.………………: ) agoodstuff

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