Monday, December 2, 2013

Strawberry and sprouts salad

A nutritious salad diet in morning with some multigrain cereal keeps you
fit, fresh and healthy for the entire day. Making different salads
everyday is again a tedious mind exercise. Lets keep the life simple and
 make a fabulous salad in a few minutes.


Make some whole green gram (sabut moong dal) sprouts by hanging the
soaked dal in a water soaked muslin cloth for 24 hours(keep adding few
drops of water in every 5-6 hrs). The sprouts are the least expensive
superfoods which are full of protein and vitamin c ( anti oxitants).

Recipe: For 1 plate salad take ½ cup sprouts, 4  strawberries , 1 tomato

 chopped, ½  capsicum grilled on tawa with olive oil , 1/2 orange , ½ apple

sliced (grilled on tawa/griller with a few drops of olive oil and then add a

pinch of salt and  pepper to it. Orange slices make your salad more juicy

and tangy and little spices like pepper makes it ummmmmm…..munch on


Make it today and add a little of blue crumbled cheese or crumbled paneer
 to it and  eat it with a multigrain brown bread  toast ……….....……… : )agoodstuff

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