Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Mobile cover DIY

Make a simple and cozy cover for your mobile with your old clothes or sweaters. As we have already made a few usable things out of old woolens and recycled them very smartly, so, either you can cut out a piece of old woolen or you can use the left out pieces of the lower or sweater used in the previous DIY project for socks (make woolen socks at home from old sweaters). All the recycling projects (the woolen recyclying) are quite interesting, effective , easy and a real fun to do.
Just follow the steps shown below in pics and your mobile cover is ready without any hastle.

1.    Cut a piece of the sweater’s sleeve. Turn it inside out.

2.    Mark the size of the mobile and leave margins at top and a little bit
at sides( this margin will go under sewing)

3.    Now sew at the marked line and cut out extra portions.
4.    Now turn the piece inside out again and the cover is ready.
Keep crafting with woolen coziness this winter and send your beautiful and

 innovative ideas for recycling the woolens at agoodstuffhere@gmail.com.

Enjoy: ………………: ) agoodstuff

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