Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Til Ladoo(Sesame seed ladoo)

Happy Sankranti

 Til Ladoo, a famous maharastrian and rajasthani sweet recipe that people prefer to eat in winters because it comes under warm food categories, is

the healthy recipe of the month.

You will be amazed to see the nutritional value of til:

·         A handful of sesame seeds contain calcium more than a glass of milk, prevent osteoporosis to a greater extent.

·         The sesamolin and sesamin in sesame seeds protect against cardiovascular disorders and diseases.

·         The high copper content in sesame seeds prevents and give relief in arthritis and strengthens the bones and joints

·         Til oil is known for its medicinal properties for massage on joints for elderly specially in winters.

 Lets make some ladoos at home today within 10 minutes. 
Til Ladoos are made with til(sesame seeds) and jaggery (gur).
Such a simple list of ingredients…right. (some people add roasted peanuts
 and a bit of oil to it)

Take equal quantities of crushed gur and grinded( softly for sec) sesame
seeds. Roast the seeds in a pan/ kadhai till it turns very light brown and
then add jaggery (gur) to it. Mix both the ingredients properly and then
 switch off the flame and cover the pan with lid for a few minutes(2-3

minutes) (to settle down gur with seeds). Make ladoos(small balls) of this

mixture with hands while its warm and then let them cool. Once they are

cool they can’t  be reworked so do a bit of hurry while making them.
Enjoy Sankranti with til ladoos………………: ) agoodstuff

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