Monday, February 24, 2014


Incorporate fresh fruits and juices in your diets to beat the stressfull and high calorie weekends.
1.        Beetroot and Pineapple Juice

Simply  blend   the  beetroot  and  pine apple  pieces  ( in  a  ratio  of 1:4  respectively) with  some  chilled  water,  until  smooth. Strain it and be ready to detox your body.

                  (Beetroot is rich in minerals like magnesium, iron & potassium along with vitamins: A, B6, C; folic acid and antioxidants.)

2.                Carrot, Apple & Beetroot Juice

Take peeled carrot,  apple and  beetroot chunks  in  3:1:1/2  ratios  respectively  and  blend  it  with  ½  spoon  of  grated ginger  and little  chilled water. Strain it  with  little quantity of chilled  water (if required).

(High fiber veggies keep the digestive track moving with calming effects of ginger)

3.                  Watermelon and Mint juice

Simply  cut  pieces  of watermelon  in  a  juicer / blender and blend  till  it  becomes  watery,  add  a  few  leaves  of  mint and  blend  again  for  2 secs.

(Watermelon has a lot of lycopene and is high in vitamin A, vitamin C and magnesium along with lots of fibre.)

4.                Cucumber and celery juice

Blend cucumber pieces and then add peeled apple chunks and celery pieces to it in ratios of 3:2:1 respectively). A smooth healthy detox treat is ready to drink.

(Celery is rich in Vitamin B complex & sodium. Cucumber is an antioxidant with lots of vitamin K. Apple is rich in fructose which regulates blood sugar.)

5.                Pears, Apple and Cherry Juice

Combine  a  mixture  of  three  nice  tasting  chunks  of pears, apple  and  cherries  (in equal quantities) in a blender  and  an  excellent  feel  better drink  is  ready.

(This juice is rich in vitamin A, B complex, vitamin C and E along with lutein which strengthens the bone and is age defying.)

6.                Kiwi, Grapefruit and Orange Juice

Blend  kiwi,  grapefruit  and  oranges  in  1:1/2: 2  ratios respectively and a delicious unique taste of drink is ready.

(An immune booster juice full of vitamins.)

Healthy living………..agoodstuff  : )

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