Monday, April 14, 2014

Pencil Pouch DIY

Its summer time and the kids are all set to go back to school for new sessions. Let’s make something special for the kids and let them take pride in saying, " My mommy made this for me"…

Style 1 for Top chain Fabric Pencil case 

Two Cloth pieces (one for the outer side and the stronger & darker one for innerside (use your scraps leftover)
A zipper (you can always purchase a longer zipper and shorten it, just follow the directions on the package.
Scissor, needle, lace and a patch cut out of old cloth(for decoration purpose)

Seriously, the most time consuming part for me was picking out the correct fabric and cutting them, the rest goes pretty easy. So, Let’s go…
1. Place both the cloths one over other to see the size ( the length of the cloth should be 4 inches more than the regular pencil length).  

2. Attach the decorative patch with thread and needle. Attach the lace in the middle of the cloth by sewing it.
3. Open the zip and sew one at the top and the other at the bottom of the cloth as shown below.
4. Now, fold the cloth from the centre and sew the sides along with zip(put the metal part inside of the zip before sewing).
5. Turn the inside out of the pouch and remove the extra threads and finally iron it up.
Style 2 Top Buttoned Fabric Pencil case 

This pouch is made from a single thick white cloth on which a ribbon is attached at the bottom and a small pocket  is attached on a side that is supposed to be the top. Then the cloth is folded (to bring the inner sides out)and sewed from side and bottom. Finally a flip is attached at the top with fabric made button.
Fabric button is attached on the flip and the simple snap button is used for closing purpose. (Fabric buttons can be made easily at home). At the top, the sides are also folded inside with help of snap buttons.

Attach Scooby strings or attractive key-chains to make it more stylish……………… agoodstuff :)

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