Saturday, September 20, 2014

Low carb Indian meal options

"On a Diet" doesn’t means no or very little food rather it talks about incorporating all healthy and nutritious low carb food and to bring a significant lifestyle change for obesity.

Popular low-carb diets on internet are not designed keeping the Indian eating tastes and habits in mind.
Some of my favorite simple low carb Indian meal ideas are listed below:

1.Veggie Besan chilla (No oil is required if cooked on a good non stick tawa) and cucumber + tomato sandwich or bread pizza having onion and capsicum with very little or no cheese. The veggie chilla is all protein and can be taken with a low calorie juice like watermelon or carrot.

The serving per person (in case of diet for obesity) should include one chilla with one bread option with juice.                                       
2. Besan chilla (stuffed with paneer and onion  ), sprouted moong and lassi
 3.Spinach Dhokla and moong dal chilla with hung curd dip(hung curd + chopped onions and shredded walnuts + salt and black pepper)

4. Moong sprouts, poha and fresh melons .

5. A platter full of all goodie ingredients: green beans with sesame and garlic, whole wheat katori stuffed with some veggies, roasted apples and little pomegranates and a plate of veggie salad(cucumber, red and green capsicum, black channa, onion, 3-4 roated bread crumbs, salt and pepper.)


These meals are very filling as most of them have protein and a lot of fibre ; so serving per meal should be taken care of if you want to reduce weight…………………… :) agoodstuff


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