Sunday, November 17, 2013

Woolen socks DIY from recycled sweaters

Another woolen recycle project is the making of beautiful socks for your kiddos and that too without knowing knitting. This DIY project is really simple with little steps and fun to do with your old sweaters.

Lets make it………………..

Material required:

Old woolen sweater sleeves/  kids old paijami or lower

A marking tool(washable wax color(cryons))

Scissor, needle and some yarn to sew


Place kids foot on the lower and mark the  shape of the foot (specially the

 toes ) and be sure to keep a margin of 1cm while marking as it will go

under sewing area.

Now turn them inside out and sew in socks shape.

Once sewing is done cut down extra woolen material outside the sewed

area. Turn the socks inside out again and see what a masterpiece you have

created : )

The overall product will look so cute that I can bet, you are gonna make a
few more after this and every new socks would be far better product than
the previous one as practice makes us perfect. Do a little bit of
embroidery if required.

Keep sewing and recycling old woolens………………: ) agoodstuff

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