Saturday, November 16, 2013

Old sweaters recycling

Don’t giveaway your old sweaters to anyone as this winter you can create
 magic out of them. Lets recycle those woolens and use them in making new
 things or making the old ones usable.

Kids outsize the last year sweaters very easily and we are left with no
choice but to give away them to somebody else. Cut down your old useless
sweater's border  and sew them below the borders of your favourite sweater to 

increase the length. Have a look at the pictures and you can figure out the easiness 

and practicality in the same.


You can always decorate them with a matching patch or making small
embroidery of similar colors.

It’s a beautiful craft and a beautiful way to retain your favorite woolens
for another year……recycle old things………: ) agoodstuff

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