Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Fabric Button : DIY

I was always fascinated towards fabric buttons. A few days back only, my aunt told me an easy way to make them at home without any market supplies. That was the moment and I made many at home for my daughter’s frocks and other accessories.

“Fabric button” is a fun and the most simple fabric project and the only things required are: a needle, thread, a fabric and a button (recycle old clothes buttons).
Cut a square fabric of your choice, place your button in the middle and mark a circle at 1and1/2 inches from the button and finally cut it into a circle shape.
Now make a thread circle with needle as shown in the figure.
Finally pull the threads from the both ends and cut the extra thread.

Fabric button is ready to be incorporated in your other designed products…………agoodstuff : )

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