Thursday, July 3, 2014

Green beans with garlic & sesame

This Sunday, I was just looking for a little variety in green beans, since we have made these only with potato or with rice for biryani’s or pulao’s. I tried a thai recipe this time and the final product was this delicious, flavorful and super healthy side dish that got absolutely devoured at lunch on Sunday.

Ingredients: Green beans, 1sp grated carrot Garlic, ginger, sesame seeds, dry coriander powder, red chilli, oil and salt.

Recipe:  Chop the ends of the beans and put them aside. Blanching process: Boil plain water and at the point of bubbles showing up, add the beans and a little salt to it. Boil the beans for 2-3 mins only and take them out of water before they change their color. Yes, we need the green of the beans do not over cook them.

Peel and chop garlic & ginger in 2: 1 ratio ( more garlic and less ginger). Now put a pan on the flame and add a little bit of oil. Add garlic and ginger to it and keep stirring. Now, add beans before the garlic turns brown.  Sprinkle grated carrot, coriander powder, red chilli, sesame seeds ( a pinch only)  and again keep stirring for 2 mins.

 ( optional: You can also add soya sauce and crushed peanuts at the time of serving).

Serve warm as a side dish……………………… :  ) agoodstuff

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